Format change

In our store, the accounts are presented in the following format:


You can change the standard format using our software to the following formats:
  • TWTGO,9PLUS (auth_token)
  • TWTGO (login:password:mail:csrf_token:auth_token)
  • JSON
  • JSON Dolphin browser

Software link: MEGA(clickable)

How to use the format change software?

1. Click here to download the software: MEGA(clickable)

2. Open the file FormatEditor.exe

3. Wait for the end of the software download - it may take a few minutes

4. You will see the main page of the software when it finishes downloading

  • "File with accounts" section: click on the button on the right of the section, select the file with accounts you would like to choose for changing the format

  • "The right account format" section: click on it and choose the format of accounts that you need

  • "Separator" section: enter the desired separator in the format

  • "Save to (file path)" section: click on the button on the right and enter the text file where you want to save the converted accounts format


If you want to change the accounts into the format:
  • JSON

Instead of "Save to (file path)" you will see "Save to (folder path)" Specify the path to the folder manually, where you will create files with the format that you want

Each line of the account will change into a text file with a cookie in NETSCAPE or JSON format, according to the chosen format The name of the text documents will be the login from the account, which cookies are in the text document